A Guide to Successful Freelancing for 

Film & Television - from CV to Set 

This course offers a full introduction to freelancing. It will provide you with the practical knowledge required for working on a professional film set.  It also prepares you for the challenge of earning income as a professional crew member, including a valuable insight into how best to approach obtaining credits and increasing your experience, which will in turn lead to booking more work.  Some of the topics covered are:


  • Departments and roles within those departments, including the chain of command on set and in the production office

  • CV’s: Formatting and presentation and approaching production companies

  • Freelance crew member requirements: Public liability insurance, registering for an ABN, invoicing and deal memos

  • On Set working hours and conditions

  • Negotiating Rates, how to negotiate with producers

  • Definition and explanation of terms used with bookings

  • Call sheets, dress/footwear on set

  • Information relevant to specific departments, materials and equipment specific to roles

  • Top tips for on set work

  • Information about directories and free listings for crew, useful links

  • Discussion of career pathways and work experience

  • Questions from attendees


This vital course content is presented by a working Producer/Production Manager/Assistant Director who has invaluable knowledge and firsthand experience of all the skills required to succeed in the screen industry and to prepare you for exactly what is required to achieve a long and sustainable career in Film and Television.


Course duration:         3 1/2 hours

Course cost:                  $135

Course dates:               APRIL 2020 - ONLINE

                                                         *courses subject to minimum numbers







Creating a CV that is 'camera ready'



The screen industry is very unique and so is the information that the industry experts expect to be included on CV’s.  This course ensures that you are provided with the essential tools to best present yourself to the Production companies, Producers and Production Managers who are responsible for hiring professional crews.  Having a professionally formatted CV specifically targeted to your chosen department and career path will definitely assist you in securing work and professional credits.


  • How to format your CV and target it specifically for the Film and Television Industry

  • What order to place your credits (specifically for each crew member depending on their career path and chosen field)

  • What information must appear on their CV and overall length/number of pages recommended

  • What information to include about each credit

  • Department specific information discussed

  • How and what to include in terms of special skills, equipment and licences

  • How to write a cover letter/email if required and essential inclusions

  • File size, file types, name of file

  • What contact information to include

  • Website links & showreels


You will leave this course/workshop with a correctly formatted CV ready to send out!



Course duration:         1 1/2 hours

Course cost:                  $55

Course dates:                ON DEMAND

                                                          *courses subject to minimum numbers




Essential Interview Techniques

The creative sector is fantastic for providing creative and technical crew to productions.   We do find however, that often crew are unfamiliar with the process of a job interview that is specific to the Film and Television industry.   This course is designed to target this skills gap.   Crew are also often daunted by the interview process and this course will aim to assist in taking some of the uncertainty and nerves out of this experience.  Some topics covered will be:


  • What crew should wear

  • What they should bring to the interview

  • If they have a portfolio, how best to display this

  • If they have a showreel, how best to present this

  • Prepare them with example questions in a mock interview process

  • Discusses how to negotiate rates and conditions and explain sample deal memos

  • Explain how to sell themselves and market themselves in the best possible way

  • Do’s and don’ts in Interviews


This course/workshop is delivered by experienced Producers and Production Managers who are responsible for hiring crew on various productions.  Who better to run you through a mock interview to prepare you for the real thing?



Course duration:         1 1/2 hours

Course cost:                  $55

Course dates:                Brisbane & Gold Coast - ON DEMAND


                                                           *courses subject to minimum numbers






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