Essential Crew is the leading crew booking agency for

Queensland's most experienced crew. We provide production companies in the film and television industry with the most effective and professional solution to finding experienced and available crew

in Queensland.  Essential Crew was founded by two experienced Production Managers in 2003 and since 2006 has run under the direction of Laura Clelland – who has fourteen years experience in the film and television industry.





Essential Crew is in a unique position to understand the demands of an evolving industry and are focused on nurturing new and emerging film technicians into the Screen Industry. Our aim with these courses is to educate the emerging sector on how to become a working, freelance crew member with a sustainable career in the industry.










If you are a crew member with 

existing credits or an experienced crew member looking for a crew booking agent

then please contact us:


We are

and CREW are our focus.

As a working booking agent in the current market, Essential Crew is in the perfect position to know what is required of crew and what expectations production companies, producers and productions have of freelance crew members.


We have established relationships within the industry and have gathered this feedback from years of working with production companies, on set in production, and also as booking agents representing professional crew. 


It is crucial that as an emerging crew member you are provided with the foundation and knowledge

base of how to sustain a career in the Screen Industry.   We are confident that these courses provide

the perfect intensive training to successfully kick-start emerging crew and they will allow you to take

the first steps to achieving your career goals.